Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Book Review: Struck

Struck (2015) was written by young adult author Joss Stirling who also wrote the popular Finding Sky series.

This is my second time reading this fictional novel and I can honestly say that this breathtaking read will never get old.

The intense drama and desirable romance is the perfect combination that will capture any teenagers - or adults - attention.

Raven Stone is a sassy and relatable student at Westron High boarding school which is filled with rich and bitchy students who have all taken a mysterious disliking to her.
When her friend Gina returns from a personality development course, Raven knows that something is not right; they used to be as close as anything, yet now Gina hates Raven and accuses her of being a thief.

Luckily for Raven, two new students, Kieran Storm and Joe Masters turned up at the boarding school after apparently being expelled from their last school.
Kieran Storm is a tall guy, with black curly hair, green eyes and an intellect that anyone would be envious of.
Joe Masters is a tall American guy from the East Coast - a total flirt with the girls with a laid back personality.
What Raven doesn't know is that these two mysterious boys are actually agents who are attending the school on a case, looking for any clues that don't seem right.

When Kieran unexpectedly falls in love with Raven, things start to get messy. Having a relationship with a girl outside of the Young Detectives Agency (YDA) was never going to be easy considering all of the secrets Kieran has to hide and the prospect of her possibly being put in danger.

Things only get taken to a whole new level, when Kieran and Joe realise they could be dealing with crimes that the school are committing, which are beyond their control. Running head first into danger was not something they were expecting.

I found whilst reading Stuck, that the storyline was so captivating, that it was unbearable to put the book down.
I wanted to be swallowed up by the book and fall into the world of spies, forbidden romances and brainwashed students.

I loved all of the characters in this story (obviously Kieran, as who couldn't fall in love with a smart and funny guy who is secretly a spy) and how this novel takes on a Sherlock sort of genre, with its mysteries and clues.

By the end of this story, I even wanted to be a spy!

For anyone who loves a romantic drama, then this is definitely a book to add to your list!
In total there are three books in the series, the next of which is Stung (2015) which I am looking forward to start reading this evening!

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