Friday, 12 August 2016

Book Review: Burning Yves

Joss Stirling's novella, Burning Yves (2015) is a brilliant short story and a perfect companion to Stealing Phoenix (2011) Joss Stirling's second novel in the Finding Sky (2010) savant series.

Burning Yves is a short story exploring how 17-year-old Yves Benedict and Phoenix Corrigan meet, from Yves' perspective. This is the perfect introduction to anyone who is considering reading Stealing Phoenix and guess what? Even better, this story is a free e-book!

What I loved about this story is that the brotherly banter between Yves, Xav and Victor is clearly evident and is highly amusing to read, keeping the story light and fun leaving a smile on my face. I also enjoyed how at the beginning of the story, the whole Benedict clan was involved, allowing the reader to see the family bond between this unique family and their loving and caring personalities towards each other.

I found it interesting reading about Yves and finding out how his genius mind works. From his fascination on train tunnels to how he handles girls; the shock when a girl gives him her number and how he tries to escape their overbearing and flirtatious behaviour - and clearly not being able to escape it.
Reading the story, I also feel greatly sympathetic towards Yves and his struggles of trying to contain his Savant power and the troubles this has caused him in the past.

With Xav being my favourite Benedict boy, I found it enjoyable reading his character in the story, from his jokey - and no doubt, at times annoying - behaviour to how he acts towards his brothers.

It was beautiful reading about Yves' savant connection with Phoenix, especially as having read Challenging Zed (2013) the reader can see how both of the brothers savant bonds differ from when they make that very first connection with their soulmate when they speak telepathically. Right from the very start, when Phoenix first tries to steal from Yves, we can see how her character appears to be on his mind and how there was always something about her which had immediately caught his attention (and I don't just mean about the fact that she had tried to freeze his mind.)

An interesting read, that was left on a cliff-hanger leaving the reader wanting more. I would definitely recommend this read to anyone considering to read Stealing Phoenix as it is a fantastic taster novella and not only that, these short story helps us readers get inside those gorgeous Benedict boys heads!

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