Saturday, 16 July 2016

Book Review: Finding Sky

Finding Sky (2011) is a young adult, fictional novel, containing the perfect combination of fantasy, romance, adventure and drama.

I will admit it, I have read this novel five times and each time the story is just as captivating and exciting as the last time I read it, perfect for anyone whether you are a teenager or an adult.

Written by Joss Stirling, Finding Sky is about 16-year-old Sky Bright, an English girl who has moved with her adopted parents from England to Wrickenridge in Colorado.

Sky has a past, little of which she can remember apart from being abandoned at a service station, but it still haunts her dreams and makes her fear of what else she has forgotten when she was young.

From the age of ten, Sky got adopted by Sally and Simon and they helped her in her hour of need as she would not talk to anyone and her only comfort was music. Helping to bring her out of her shell, Sky’s new parents helped to welcome her to their family and give her a normal life with friends, but when her parents who are artists got the opportunity to move to Wrickenridge to be resident artists, it is an offer that they cannot refuse.

Sky experiences the nerves and troubles of moving: having to settle into a new school and make new friends while trying to get comfortable in her new surroundings, but things are not as normal as Sky had hoped when she meets bad boy Zed Benedict with a reputation of causing trouble in Wrickenridge. He is a boy that all girls swoon over and adore, with dangerously gorgeous looks, but when Sky finds he can communicate with her through telepathy, she thinks she is going crazy – something she has always thought as she used to imagine she could read peoples auroras to tell what emotions they were feeling. But what if she was not imagining these things?

What Sky does not realise is she is a savant – people with extraordinary powers, each of whom have a soulmate somewhere around the world who is their equal. Moving to America will either make Sky or break her.

Zed and Sky are destined to be soulmates, but with Sky fearing that no one can really love her and with troubles lying ahead, due to criminals being after the Benedict family, all of whom are savants, working together to capture criminals to send to jail, Zed has his work cut out for him.

With Sky having to learn about what the savant world has in store for her, learning about her powers, admitting her feelings for Zed and letting go of her past, it is a rollercoaster of emotions and one that takes a while to stop.

These books make you wish that the fiction were real. Hot boys, super powers, romance, humour and danger. What more can a girl ask for?

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